It’s hard to describe so versatile product as frends in few words.

To put it simply frends is a tool that can be utilized by any department or any company to accelerate business and daily operations. Every activity business performs can be described using bpmn tools (Business Process Model and Notation). What frends are designed to do is to boost digital transformation of business processes by providing smooth management experience through the browser. As a start..

Business process design – example

By using frends we then transform those processes into actual code and delegate execution and monitoring to computers instead of people. Thus allowing employees to focus rather on design, strategy and conclusions driven from data instead of manual and repetitive work as for example:

  • Reporting and accounting;
  • Web search;
  • Leads discovery;
  • Testing and monitoring of critical IT systems;

and countless more activities…

So now if now you think

hey it’s our IT department who helps with automation/reporting/scraping and so on…

you are probably right. But also (probably), your IT department, company or “IT guy”, does not do it without any tools. And frends most certainly do not intend to remove “IT guys”. frends is just right tooling improving communication with business, simultaneously providing allowing easy system integration and speeding up development teams.

Old school programmers deploy inscrutable code to unknown places based on some description of a task given from management. And it’s not transparent as much as it could be.

What should modern programmer do?

Low code/Full code comparison

use frends and

  • connect business and development worlds together by joining actual processes with code using low-code approach.
  • stop using tools that not only IT can use. Design phase can be submitted to development directly using browser-based bpmn editor.

frends by

  1. improving communication with business,
  2. version control out of a box,
  3. system monitoring capabilities,
  4. environment management tools,
  5. vast community of developers,
  6. corporate support

had proven to speed up development teams by 50% and reduce lifecycle costs by 75%, and while main features are directed at development it also gives management complete transparency of what is happening in IT.

Most importantly frends make IT being agile for a business simply easier.

P.S. And even while you may think that some processes are to complex to be automated. With frends you can also implement AI or machine learning models, and evaluate their performance.

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