Do you run web-shop? If yes how do you manage your stocking? Manually?

Not an option for HiQ customers.

I’ll be brief.

  • There is 1st external system handling stocking;
  • There is 2nd external system which functions as a web-shop;

Both systems are separated and nowhere near being self-hosted.

Let’s describe the problem. Your customer should not be able to order something that is missing right? So let’s ask infamous question. What do you do now to have more or less synced data?

You’re right. You integrate.

So as usual, we created this little process running during off-hours.

Process running on schedule

Which gets all stockings and updates them appropriately in target web-shop system. Execution can be live monitored, and once completed will send us e-mail report :), (what failed, what not, and where).

Live monitoring


Send e-mail after completion


All of this was developed, deployed, and tested on testing environment in few hours. I actually spend now more time on writing this article.. Do your developers work that fast? (hint, give them tools)

The most amazing thing about this case is that to create this (let’s call it ‘sync app’). Knowing syntax becomes irrelevant while using frends and knowing business logic is all you need. As an end result we connected with ease something that for a second you might have thought was permamently separated.

Ah there were other solutions you say? Of course. I had pinpointed downsides of the ones that we had considered.

  • Own self-hosted solution
    • well imagine you don’t have a virtual machine/server, you need to buy one, frends provided us agent within the license, no deploys, no windows/linux dramas, restarts, installs. It just works;
    • once you deploy solution you need to maintain it and check logs, if something fails. That is more than troublesome, web GUI is much better for this – out of the box;
  • Writing shoper extension?
    • You need a developer;
    • Scratch that, you need skilled developer in particular technology;
    • And this developer needs to learn Shoper API and their platform, in frends there was nothing specific;

In conclusion I think I’m not saying that plain coding application is bad option. I’m trying to highlight that there are some better options.

And as always 🙂 comment, discuss, share, contact us.