HiQ Poland is proud to announce that very recently we had a pleasure to deploy 2 integrations with e-commerce platform called Shoper.

In great simplification the integrations included user stories as such:

  1. Everytime order is paid, our processes create automatically invoice in customer’s booking system;
  2. We automatically synchronize inventory management system with product availability in Shoper;
  3. We created automatic translation of e-commerce instance to 6 different languanges allowing customer to open up to new markets in a day. Read more.

If your business have similar case, or maybe you’re still involved in manual process that might be automated HiQ can share knowledge and help you and your team succeed.

To run our integrations we use FRENDS software, if for instance you have inhouse IT team, you might be able to implement automations yourselves.
We operate on subscription model and we offer free consultancy regarding Shoper integrations.

Feel free to contact us here.
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